Democrats or Children: Get what you want, then complain about it.

By: Bill Unke

President Trump made Democrat leadership look silly on Friday by giving them exactly what they have been wanting: open borders, unlimited immigration, and an opportunity to open sanctuary cities to all the people Progressives claim will help make American society better.

For years, Democrats have told us that incorporating these lost souls into American society will bolster our economy, add diversity, and overall create a better society. Yet, today, when they are faced with the stark realization that President Trump is willing to relocate all these same unfortunate refugees into the immediate proximity of their won back yard, we come to realize that the same people advocating for diversity meant somewhere other than their neighborhood. A true sign of the virtue politics they immerse themselves in on a daily basis.

Liberals initial reaction, upon hearing of Trump's plan, was to use their media lapdogs to perpetuate the idea that Trump was using these people as pawns. Obviously, this is what the Dems have been doing for years, and the initial disgust originates from the fact that they have been caught in their own game, using the same pieces to perpetuate a position that doesnt hold water when tested. The outrage comes only because Dems believe they should hold a monopoly on the immigration debate and those affected by it, but when challenged to withstand the very policies they have endorsed for the past years, they wilt and crumble, showing in full display, that they care as much about the immigrants as they do the rest of Americans. Which frankly, results in nothing.

The wedge issues, that Liberals constantly engage in are becoming tiresome. They are not interested in solutions but more so regaining power that they can further impose upon society. What they lack is a moral clarity to provide guidance as to the whether the direction of their polices promote a stronger society and America. They truly believe they represent the betterment of the society and our country, though history presents facts that they continue down a path laden with loss, disparity, and failure.

Simply put, when you take a position that is basically diametrically opposed to the person you disagree with simply on the principle you disageee with them, you will always find yourself in a position where you have no principled approach to life. American Democrats have now reached this tipping point, and the effort to return to a rational point of view has left them long ago.

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