Dems disgrace displayed in House Commitee Hearings

As the Mueller report fizzles, Dems are left scrambling to find the next topic du jour to have their lap dog media start to regurgitate to the public. With topics such as "white nationalism" (the new buzzword intended to replace "racism" since that has lost all meaning in American society), open borders, Trump tax returns, income inequality, and reparations, they are struggling to find issues that condemn Trump and his supporters or pander to a shrinking base of Democrat voters.

A few days ago, the Dems, which now control the House, simultaneously
held public hearings in which Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA, 43rd District) invited Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to a hearing to waste his time, taxpayer money and to seemingly nipple twist the Secretary to release President Trump's tax returns. In another chamber, Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY, 10th District) held a hearing to engage in fear mongering among Americans, not so cleverly disguised as a meeting to discuss "white nationalism".

The most explosive exchange occurred when Nadler allowed fellow Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA, 33rd District) to introduce an audio recording of Candace Owens, an African-American invited to present her opinion on the matter. The audio recording presented by Lieu offered no context, or explanation. Owens was left to clarify the recording, and provide the necessary context, which taken as a whole, is cohesive and directly applicable to the question asked of her at the time, but not specifically applicable to the hearing. Yet, without surrounding context was allowed to simply discredit her and her experience with the topic at hand. At one point she declaritively stated...

"I think it’s pretty apparent that Mr. Lieu believes that black people are stupid, assuming that they will not pursue the full two-hour clip and he purposely extracted …  "

It was at this point, that Nadler used his gavel to stop the proceedings to reprimand Owens, stating she can not make disparaging remarks insisting Owens called Lieu stupid. This only further showed the hearing was sham, intended only for political theatre as Owens implied in her opening statement, since Nadler himself wasnt even paying attention or listening to the testimony of the invited guests.

Over in another chamber, Waters was pressing Mnuchin to release President Trump's tax returns for some specified period of time that even exceeded his Presidency. Mnuchin, who obviously identified the transparent and partisan hearing as a waste of his time, as anyone with an IQ higher than a sea sponge could, bantered with Waters. The obvious lack of respect each other has for one another was present, as it was easily recognized as Mnuchin explained how Waters could easily dismiss him if there was no valid questions forthcoming, and Waters sputtered as she tried to regain control and some dignity back from the proceedings.

What is more than apparent, is that Dems who now control the House will continue to use what little authority they have to perpetuate a narrative that will never lead to the impeachment of President Trump. The Democrat party is in its death throws of an internal struggle as it face a Socialist takeover on the party. Even then, they continue to make the fatal mistake of not stepping back to reflect internally and address their party issues, but continue to double down on stupidity, and pursue a unconstitutional narrative set forth years ago focusing on Trump, the economic revival the country is experiencing, and the false social woes being incorrectly promoted by their party and the main stream media.

Ultimately, it makes the Democrat party look misguided, without leadership, and completely void of understanding Americans not engaged in virtue signaling, class warfare, victim status, or identity politics.. It may appeal to some, but its difficult to understand how so many people could be enticed to such negative outlook in such a prosperous time.

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